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Family Education and Support

What Makes Family Education and Support Important?

Family support and education is fundamental to early identification, effective intervention and long term well-being of children, youth, young adults and adults who live with mental health conditions. Families are often the first to know when something is going wrong in the life of a child or adult with mental illness. However, identifying mental illness and getting effective help are seldom straightforward.

What Does NAMI Advocate For?

Educational programs delivered by and for families—at every stage of life—must be valued and promoted as an integral part of the mental health service system.

Family-directed programs must be funded.

Funding should come from a combination of federal and state grants, reinvestment of managed Medicaid funds and corporate or foundation support.

Technology should be harnessed to make family education and support available online to those not in a position to get in-person support.

Resources must be made available to develop and evaluate family educational programs and to strengthen the evidence base equal to the scientific studies conducted by professionally delivered programs.

Partnerships must be encouraged with faith communities, corporate employee assistance programs, community health and mental health centers, veterans’ organizations and cultural organizations to make family education on mental illness available throughout the community