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OCD: The Struggle Through Time
"It frustrates me greatly when I'm in classes and I hear people say to their friends 'You must be OCD.' It isn't something that should be taken lightly."

How to recognize Mental Ilness Children
Did you know that 50% of mental illnesses begin by age 14? Children need their parents and teachers to be able to recognize important symptoms. Can you?



NAMI elects Steve Pittman of California as National Board President

NAMI Takes a Stand During a White House Mental Health Panel
NAMI CEO Mary Giliberti recently spoke at the White House on a panel of mental health experts. Get the details on the conversation and watch the recording here.

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Have You Ever Stopped to Think About Why You're a Member of NAMI?
A dedicated NAMI member provides 10 reasons why she renews her membership every year—for 15 years.

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Catch up on the latest NAMI National News, Events , things you should know. 

Police Perspective: The Man in the Mirror
A dedicated police officer experiences intense psychological pressures of his job and learns that, as a cop, your strength shouldn't be only physical.